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Savannah Farm produces beyond sustainable pasture raised produce on their farm in the Clare Valley using world proven, natural regenerative farming techniques to produce high quality, chemical free healthy & nourishing food in a fair and ethical way.
Regenerative farming, goes way beyond organic and sustainable systems, setting a new benchmark in natural agricultural processes.  Regenerative farming is focussed on:

  • Rebuilding soils and soil biology to create increased fertility and healthy pastures to heal landscapes;
  • Fair food production ensuring socially beneficial, affordable and ecological practices in our business
  • Ethical and humane animal husbandry mimicking nature and allowing animals to express their natural character and species distinctiveness
  • Carbon sequestration by increasing soil organic matter levels and putting back more than what we take out
  • Increased nutrient cycling on the farm, increasing microbial activity by reusing and repurposing waste and materials
  • Chemical Free, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Cruelty Free, Beyond Sustainable, Pasture based farming
  • Promoting local economies and increasing the importance of local small family farms working together

The focus we have on healing the planet and our soils using regenerative methods supports healthy ecosystems, which in turn offers animals a naturally abundant and enjoyable environment to grow while producing the highest quality products for your family’s nourishment. Products from our farm include pastured nomadic chicken, pastured heritage Berkshire pork and grass fed beef and lamb. Savannah has been recognised repeatedly for their products and farming methods on many occasions for sustainability at the SA Food Awards, product quality at the Sydney & Melbourne Royal Shows and carcass competitions around the country. Our products have been in demand by Chefs, cooks and some of South Australia’s most nutritionally focussed Mum’s who are keen to safely nourish and in some cases, heal their families.

Savannah Farm’s regenerative agricultural methods contribute back to the health of the property by mimicking nature through animal movement in landscapes to build fertility, using pasture cropping and continual natural stock movement onto fresh pastures and feeding back fertility into the soil using these activities. Our animals all work in the ecosystem together with us, as nature intended, focussing on the soil and pasture health with the happiness and health of all of our livestock as a number 1 focus. Our animals are the most important part of our production as they help us to regenerate our soil's fertility, so we respect them and nurture them throughout their life to the highest animal welfare standards.  We feel that with complete and radical transparency that we don't need to certify our products, because we have an open door policy for people to come and see what we do and justify it for themselves.  We also operate in an ethically responsible manner and expect that our standards and honesty through being transparent demonstrate our integrity and holistic mindset.

We are fifth generation family farmers and have set out to build a community of regenerative farmers on our farm by designing a socially responsible intern accelerator program assisting young people who want to farm, a place to do so with some support mechanisms around them as they start out. As we embark on this new way of farming, we are looking forward to including a pastured egg system and duck grazing system run by interns on our farm in 2016.  We often have opportunities on the farm for interested young farmers, and encourage those who truly aim to be farming and to own their own start up food producing enterprise, to get in touch via email or phone to see if we have a position that might match with our business and your desire.

If you are interested in purchasing products from us, please get in touch via email or place an order through our online shop


What is so different about Savannah Lamb?

Savannah Lamb is stress free. The reason stress free animals produce the best meat is because of the acid levels in their muscles at the time of processing. The only way to ensure Savannah Lambs are stress free is to ensure their comfort at all times during their life. This includes providing a natural environments, including shade and large expansive pastures. This also means no dogs or motorbikes are used to hunt or to move the lambs during their life right from birth. This removes the fear factor that is quickly associated with high noise levels from car horns, or a dog in a paddock which is not part of their natural environment.